Pregnancy announcements can be done anytime from the day after your pregnancy is confirmed to the end of your first trimester. These are fun, creative shoots that are a great way to let all of your family and friends know that your family is growing.

Gender reveals are done anytime after you learn whether you will be welcoming a little boy or girl. Again, think fun and creative!

Maternity sessions are a beautiful, peaceful reminder of your last weeks before meeting baby. These are recommended between 32-36 weeks. I totally understand the urge to wait until your baby bump is at its biggest, however, I have been known to send mommy’s to be into labor from the excitement of their session (true story!)!



The arrival of a new life into the world is a beautiful moment filled with lots of emotion and the instant bonds that are formed between baby and parents. While it may seem odd to have a photographer in the delivery room, I assure you these are memories you will cherish being able to look back on. Not to mention it frees up your support system to be just that, your support.

Upon booking, we will discuss your birth plan and preferences. I do not book two births within three weeks of each other as a policy since baby’s come when they are good and ready.

 At two weeks before your due date, I am officially on call, 24/7. Based on your birth plan and distance to your chosen birthing facility, we will have set a time (cm dilated) for you or a member of your support team to call me. Dinner time or 2 am, remember I am on call for you. 

I will arrive and photograph your baby’s birth according to your plan, allowing for changes in plan as labor can be unpredictable. After your little one arrives, I will photograph their measurements, some bonding time, and nursing if requested.




When booking your newborn session, we will schedule an approximate date, but you need not worry if your little one decides to stay in longer. Newborn sessions are done within the first 14 days after birth (6-10 days new is best) with few exceptions. The earlier the better! Babies tend to sleep the most during this time, most haven’t developed cradle cap or baby acne yet, and are more flexible for ease of posing. 

Newborn sessions are longer than other types of portrait sessions to include time for feeding and soothing. Family is welcome and encouraged to be included in the session, and it is helpful to have another adult present to assist with young siblings as either mom or dad are at baby’s side periodically for safety.




As you settle in to your new life as a parent, you realize just how quickly baby grows. From push ups to standing, capture the special first milestones in the first year.

Sessions may be scheduled at approximately 3 months (pushing up), 6 months (sitting), 9 months (crawling), and 12 months (standing). These are approximates as every baby reaches their milestones at their own pace. 12 month sessions also include a cake smash to capture baby’s excitement as they explore new textures and tastes.